Rapid Prototype Design for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses

During our professionals careers working at R&D departments for A+ corporations, we often heard the neglected scream for help from startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Agile prototype is a one-stop shop for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a minimal viable product. Due to our experience with multiple (successful) start-ups, we can offer a ideal prototype that can be used for user-testing, funding or social media exposure.

We’ll organize a fixed price, one-week hackathon and together with your domain experts we will deliver a fully working prototype that is ready to test your value proposition.

A week is short. Rome wasn’t build in a week and neither will your product. By using a prototype we will expose risk, pinpoint technical challenges and show quick business value early in your development roadmap.

We embrace open hardware-/software designs, use rapid prototyping tools like laser cutting, 3D printing and vacuum forming.

It is in our DNA to focus on business value. We use technology to accomplish this, but we do not let technology limit your business value.